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Premium, Local and Pure

Honey is an amazing substance! How is it made? It's created with love and hard work by busy bees and blossoming flowers.  Bees collect the nectar from flowers and store it in a special honey stomach to bring back to the hive for storage in the honeycomb. It then gets broken down into simple sugars. The design of the
honeycomb and constant fanning of the bees' wings causes evaporation,
creating sweet honey. Honey's color and flavor varies based on
the nectar collected by the bees.

We are proud to raise our bees on pristine land with an abundance of nectar and pollen. From dandelions and lupines, to clover and apple blossoms. In the summer there are herb, blackberry and vegetable blossoms too. The pollen sorces come from all the alder, oak trees and other wild plants.

Honey contains fructose, glucose and other complex carbohydrates. It has been used as a pre-workout energy source due to its readily available carbohydrates.

Honey also contains small amounts of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc and amino acids including B vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid.

Honey is a rich source in antioxidents and prebiotics too! It's composition contains antimicrobial agents for treating minor scrapes and burns. It is amazing for sore throats and other bacterial infections. It has also been used for parasitic infections in some cases.

NOTE: Honey should not be fed to infants under 1 year of age. Honey is a safe and wholesome food for older children and adults.


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The Sol Apiary and Farm is located in the foothills of the California Mother Lode in the Sierra Nevadas.  Rolling hills, serene creek, lush gardens, vintage orchard, family run cattle ranch, historic buildings and farm quipment, farm animals and wildlife.  We pride ourselves in growing products and raising animals with love and integrity.
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Honey is available for Local Pick-Up in
Jackson, CA at no extra cost.

Please call us at 209-304-6901 or email: [email protected] to order and schedule a pick up time.

Premium, Local, Pure

4 oz
/113.5 gr

8 oz
/227 gr

1 lb
/454 gr

2 lb
/908 gr

*Please note--HONEY ranges in color and taste, depending on when it was harvested and what type of nectar was collected by the bees.